Payment information

Modes of payment and payment information in

Sanitary shop and heating shop

We offer to you the different modes of payment which are as follows:

1. Precash:

Please, transfer the total of your order to our bank connection. They receive an automatic email with an order confirmation after the order process. In the confirmation-email stand all important information for this payment winding up. The product is immediately dispatched after payment entrance (thus far on camp).


2. Cash on delivery:

For the order cash on delivery we have our dispatch partner DPD. Pay the total, dirket with the delivery of the articles in your front door. The product is dispatched after order entrance (thus far on camp) directly.

The fees for the delivery amount to +9.00 Euro (Germany) and 16.50 euros (Austria, Benelux, Czech Republic and Hungary).

3. Purchase on calculation:

They can select in the on-line shop the payment kind "Purchase on calculation". This is unwound by our partner Paypal. She preserved from us immediately the product delivered (concerns camp product) and pay comfortably after goods delivery in the form of a calculation to our partner. You need it do not have a Paypal account.

For this procedure originate of course fees, this we share with the customer. Every transaction is loaded with a surcharge of 2%.

These procedures is during check and becomes during the next weeks free-switched.



4. Paypal:


One of the bekantesten payment possibilities on the today's Internet. With very much a high security for buyers and salesclerks. With this electronic mode of payment the product is dispatched directly after the order process (thus far on camp).

What is PayPal?

PayPal is the on-line payment service with which you pay in on-line shops certainly, simply and fast – and this free of charge.

Certainly: Their bank data or credit card data are deposited only with PayPal. Therefore, they are not sent with every on-line purchase once more on the Internet.


Simply: They pay with two clicks. Since you fall back on your bank data deposited with PayPal or credit card data instead of giving them by every purchase again.

Quick: PayPal payments arrive fast. Then the salesclerk can send the product immediately and you receive them as a rule earlier.

Announce and PayPal immediately use:
Open a PayPal account under
Tie together your bank account or your credit card with your PayPal account.
And already you can pay with PayPal.


By the payment kind Paypal a fee surcharge of 2% (+0,35€) becomes due, by the direct payment winding up.



5. Credit Card Payment:

Figures as credit card payment:

You can choose this method of payment in the online shop and do business with your major credit card payment. Paypal one Anbiiter for many different credit cards and the payment is by credit card, we provide worldwide.

This is handled by our partner Paypal. You need it do not have a Paypal account.

The item will be shipped as soon as possible then, depending on the availability of the item.

Toll-free payment.

6. Direct debit:

You can choose this method of payment in the Onlineshop and the processing is then done by our partner Paypal.
You will receive the goods immediately (warehouse goods) and the invoice amount will be paid by the Paypal
Group of your bank account.

For this procedure fees arise, which we share with the customer. Each transaction will be charged with a 2% surcharge. You do not need to have a paypal account for this.

7. Payment via Amazon Payments:

In the shopping basket you will see an "Amazon Logo", if you choose this, our system will connect
With your existing Amazon account. You do not need to enter any address anymore, the data is sent directly from Amazon
To us. The processing takes place via your Amazon account and the payment is then settled as usual via Amazon.
The dispatch of the goods takes place as soon as possible, depending on the availability of the article.
Fees 2%.