Heating pumps size

Information and questions to the regulation of the heating pumps size

What signifies the information to the type name on the heating pump?  
z. B Grundfos alpha 2 25-40:      
The number 25 states something about the connection thread of the pump. In this example DN 25.  

25 = 1 1/2 "male thread diameter = 48mm

30 and 32 = 2 "male thread = approx 60mm diameter

The number 40 does information about the difference pressure of the heating pump. This corresponds with o.g.  
Example 400 mbar. The pump can overcome opposition of 400 mbar in the pipeline.   
Is an insulating bowl worthwhile to the heating pump?


By an insulating bowl the energy losses decrease and the warmth comes to the living space to good. 
The costs for the insulating bowl amortize after approx. 5 years. Also the energy saving order 
requires insulating bowls on all armatures in the heating space.     

With pleasure I help you in the interpretation of your new heating pump. For it I need the following information: 

1. Please, call to me the pipe length of heating kettle to the far away heater and back. 
2. Which warm achievement has your heating system in "KW" of kilowatt hours (type sign on the kettle). 
3. If you have used a mixing valve in the heating circulation (mostly in the heating headquarters below the heating pump).
4. Have you installed for the warm handing over an under-floor heating system or heater?   
5. Know the Typenbezeichung of your existing heating pump (type sign on the pump engine). 
Please, answer to me these questions in form of an email and I lay out to you with pleasure the suitable heating pump for your real estate.

Email address: info@badshop-web.de