Wolf oil condensing boilers COB 15 KW

Wolf oil condensing boilers COB 15 KW
Economical and efficient heating - The winner COB oil condensing boiler

     Intelligent oil heaters: the COB oil condensing boiler from Wolf

    Performance areas:
  •          COB-15 up to 15 kW
  •          COB 20 and 20 kW
  •          COB 29 till 29 kW
  •          COB-40 up to 40 kW

     The COB from Wolf is multi-talented. Whether normal, low-sulfur, or bio-oil (B10), the COB can easily exploit everything and when without compromising performance. This means for you future-proof heating and with maximum efficiency!

     Technology that you enjoy!
     Maximum efficiency - the thermal efficiency is 99% (Hs) / 105% (Hi)!

     Simple and ingenious thoughtful handling - the installation advantages:

     Everything you it and everything on it - plug & play! For you this means an oil condensing boiler is fully pre-assembled and dressed - stand, plug it in and go!

         Energy efficiency class Heating: A
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